All of our items are handmade and made upon ordering. Our tumblers can take up to a minimum of 3 days to complete (varies depending on design). Tumblers then need to sit a minimum of 3 days to fully cure before being sent out. It will take approx 1 week before your tumbler will be shipped out so please be patient! You will receive a confirmation email once your order is ready and shipped out. The payment must be received before your order will be started. Orders will be started based on first come first serve so once you send the payment you will be added to the queue.
our clothing and other items don’t take as long to complete but they are still handmade and are made once ordered. We very rarely have stuff in stock, ready to ship & when we do it goes fast!!
Thank you SO much for all of your support and keeping me so busy!! I appreciate everyone’s patience with me during these crazy times!